Clipboard Manager Windows Gadget

By | June 14, 2020

Clipboard Manager is a nice Windows gadget that will let you keep the most recent clipboard contents, even save to favorites and use them again. Every Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert, etc. is monitored and stored. Once you realize you need the content you used a minute, an hour, a day or even a month ago, you can do it by clicking the corresponding line in the Clipboard History.

Use the filter at the bottom of the flyout list – your search will be incredibly fast. After you click the history item it will be copied back to the clipboard and you can paste it to your document (Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert, mouse+Paste).

You can store whatever clipboard content as a favorite clip and reuse it later by clicking the appropriate favorite line.

Not only text based information but also images ca be saved to history or marked as favorite clips. Use ‘img’, ‘bmp’, ‘jpg’, ‘picture’, ‘image’ or any similar string to filter out images on the flyout window.

In ‘Privacy mode’ no information will be displayed directly on the main gadget area but only in the flyout window.

Save the .gadget file to use it later, or run it immediately to add Clipboard Manager to your gadgets

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