Power Do Task Manager Gadget for Windows

By | June 15, 2020

Power Do is a small, elegant and very convenient gadget you can use to create, organize, save, and print your to-do list.

Tasks are always visible (until they expire) each in a colored row along with their date. This way you save a lot of space, much more space compared with the usual post-it notes.

Tasks can be saved in an external backup file and printed directly from the gadget.

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2 thoughts on “Power Do Task Manager Gadget for Windows

  1. June Sze

    I have been using Powerdo for more than half a year. It’s a very useful reminder tool to help me keep track of my events’ duedates. However everytime i delete an old event off Powerdo, some of my current event will gone missing.Any help for this?

  2. Gadgeterian

    I use myself Powerdo and never had this problem. Perhaps it can happen once in a while, but there is no obvious reason for this.

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