How to install

* To install a gadget, just run the .gadget file and Windows puts it automatically on your Desktop and activates it!

If you cannot run a .gadget file, your gadget system is disabled, which is normal on Windows 10. Just get the free and safe Gadgetarian to enable and enjoy your gadgets!

To install the Gadgetarian

Automatic Edition (2.5 – 3.0):

Right Click the included “Setup” file (32bit or 64bit version) and run it As Administrator.

After setup finishes (in a few seconds!) you can right click on your Desktop to find the familiar “Gadgets” menu and enjoy any gadget you like! When a massive Windows Update (such as the so called Creators Updates) disables the gadget system, just run Gadgetarian again, and enjoy!

Note that some PCs are configured in a way that won’t allow the use of gadgets even if the gadget system is available. If you receive the message “Desktop Gadgets Are Managed By Your System Administrator”, check this post for an easy fix.

Manual Editions:

1) Copy both, the “files” folder (you need to copy the whole folder as it is, not just its contents), and the single “Ginstall” file, to the folder “System32“, which is inside your “Windows” folder. Then,

2) Right Click on the Ginstall file and run it As Administrator. That’s all! Next time you right click on your Desktop you will see the familiar “Gadgets” menu and you will be able to enjoy your gadgets!

To uninstall the Gadgetarian

Since Gadgetarian is not a separate program but it enables native Windows functions, you don’t really have to uninstall anything, just as you don’t have to uninstall “copy” and “paste”. If you don’t need any gadgets, don’t place them on the desktop! Simple as that! However, if for any reason you’d like to remove even the option of using gadgets, it’s easy; read this post.

After a Windows update your gadgets folder may lose write permissions. To have your gadgets work again just go to C:\Users\YourAcount\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets or wherever your gadgets are installed, right click the “Gadgets” folder, go to Properties, and clear the option “Read Only”. Please write if you need more help.

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