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Download Network Monitor Gadget to monitor your devices

Network Monitor Gadget let’s you know the status of your network’s devices or even ping devices through the internet. Alerts notify you when devices become available on line or are offline. Note that if you face high latency problems you should raise ping timeouts to avoid getting false alerts that a device went offline. The… Read More »

GPU Monitor Free Desktop Gadget

GPU Monitor is a free Windows gadget that will let you watch live information in numbers and graphs about your video card, including temperature, fan load, gpu load, Vmem, etc. If you use more than one Graphic Adapters the gadget will let you select which one to monitor. GPU Monitor will play a sound (optionally)… Read More »

Shredder free gadget for Windows

Shredder is a small, free and powerful Windows gadget that will permanently and completely wipe files dragged and dropped on it. Shredder doesn’t claim to be perfect, although it uses a powerful algorithm, however you can be sure that it will give you at least more safety than the default Windows delete option. Take care… Read More »

Clipboard Manager Windows Gadget

Clipboard Manager is a nice Windows gadget that will let you keep the most recent clipboard contents, even save to favorites and use them again. Every Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert, etc. is monitored and stored. Once you realize you need the content you used a minute, an hour, a day or even a month ago, you can… Read More »

Gadgetarian enables Desktop Gadgets on Windows 10

Gadgetarian is an efficient, and also free and absolutely safe utility, that will let you enjoy your Windows 7 gadgets on the desktop of Windows 10. I like Windows 10, but disabling gadgets is something I can’t agree with at all! I use the Desktop and I need my gadgets! Gadgetarian adds gadget support on… Read More »