Free Sticky Desktop Notes Gadget

Desktop Notes is a free gadget you can use to write something you need to remember, an idea or task, etc. This is not a complex gadget, on the contrary, it is extremely simple. The gadget will let you select color for your notes (default is yellow). [sociallocker] Run the .gadget file to start using… Read More »

Software Search Gadget

Software Search is a free and nice gadget that will let you find easily freeware, whenever you need to. The gadget places on the Desktop a discreet search box, that can become almost invisible, if you reduce its opacity to 20%. A small, simple, convenient and useful gadget, you can combine with the Software Search… Read More »

Piano desktop gadget

A great little gadget created by Microsoft, featuring impressively realistic piano sounds. You can use to tune your piano or test a song, or just play a while as you take a work break. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file to install later, or run it to start playing the Piano immediately [/sociallocker]

Mouse Count gadget

Mouse Count is a free gadget that will let you count the left and right clicks of your mouse, as well as the distances that it travels (in meters). The gadget is customizable, you can change colors, the main image, etc. [sociallocker]Save the .gadget file to your disk, or run it to start using Mouse… Read More »

Keystrokes Count gadget

Keystrokes Count is a free and simple gadget that will let you see how many times you press your keyboard keys. It will also give you the average speed in key-press per second. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file on your disk, or run it to start using Keystrokes Count immediately [/sociallocker]

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