Stock Gadget

This is a free gadget that will let you monitor your stock. In the settings you give the symbol of your stock (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft, GOOG for Google, etc), the amount of the stocks that you have, and a refresh interval (default is 10 minutes). [sociallocker] Run the .gadget file to start using the… Read More »

Minesweeper Gadget

Minesweeper is a great game and this little gadget will let you enjoy it on your desktop whenever you feel like having a little work break. The gadget offers three levels of difficulty and an option to flag the mines. [sociallocker] Run the .gadget file to start playing Minesweeper immediately, or save it to your… Read More »

Metronome Gadget

What would be more convenient, if you learn or compose music, to have on your desktop this Metronome gadget, that will let you keep time or try to find the bit of your dreams… The gadget does not inlude only a tic tac standard metronome sound, but also bass drum, snare and disco drum sounds.… Read More »

IMDB Gadget

IMDB Gadget will let you search at the Internet Movie Database for any movie or person you are interested in, check for top movies, coming-soon / now at the theatre movies, explore TV episodes, search for plots, bios, etc. If you see movies a lot, this is a gadget that can be very useful. [sociallocker]… Read More »

10 Unit Converter free Windows gadget

Unit Converter is a free and very convenient Windows gadget that will let you convert various units from the comfort of your desktop. The gadget supports conversion of 10 units: Area, Energy, FlowRate, Force, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Velocity and Volume. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file to install later, or run it to start using… Read More »

Hard Disk CPU GPU Temperature Gadget for SpeedFan

This is a great free and working gadget you can download, if you need to monitor hard drive, cpu, gpu, motherboard temperatures, even voltages and fan speed! To use the gadget, open its settings along with the configuration of the SpeedFan application. Watch the list of temperatures in SpeedFan. Let’s say you need to monitor… Read More »

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