Shredder free gadget for Windows

Shredder is a small, free and powerful Windows gadget that will permanently and completely wipe files dragged and dropped on it. Shredder doesn’t claim to be perfect, although it uses a powerful algorithm, however you can be sure that it will give you at least more safety than the default Windows delete option. Take care… Read More »

Christian Radio Gadget

Christian Radio is a free Windows Gadget that will let you listen to Christian radio music streams. It features a beautiful image with the fish symbol and a number of radio stations you can browse to find interesting music. Christian Radio is small and discreet, with just a “play” button (that turns into a “stop”… Read More »

YouTube Viewer gadget for Windows

YouTube Viewer is a reliable and efficient free gadget for Windows, automatically updated and configured by you to display videos you may be interested in. Among the criteria you can use are “top rated”, “top favorites”, “most viewed”, etc, — and by Category (“autos”, “comedy”, “films”, “music”, “news”, etc). It will also let you display… Read More »

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