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CPU Meter Classic Desktop Gadget

CPU Meter lets you see the current computer CPU and system memory (RAM). A lot of gadgets copied the style of this one, yet the original design remains a classic. The gadget features analog display of cpu and ram use, along with two digital clocks showing the exact percentage. Download and enjoy! Or, get this… Read More »

Mouse Count gadget

Mouse Count is a free gadget that will let you count the left and right clicks of your mouse, as well as the distances that it travels (in meters). The gadget is customizable, you can change colors, the main image, etc. [sociallocker]Save the .gadget file to your disk, or run it to start using Mouse… Read More »

Keystrokes Count gadget

Keystrokes Count is a free and simple gadget that will let you see how many times you press your keyboard keys. It will also give you the average speed in key-press per second. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file on your disk, or run it to start using Keystrokes Count immediately [/sociallocker]

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