Radio Grand gadget

Radio Grand is a free and convenient gadget that will let you enjoy on your desktop five streams, House, Chillout, W-Hit, R&B and Jazzy. Run the .gadget to start listening immediately or save it on your disk to install it later. [sociallocker] Download Radio Grand [/sociallocker]

Outlook Desktop Gadget

Outlook gadget will let you watch Microsoft Outlook for new messages right on the desktop. A safe, free, efficient and elegant gadget you’d like to try if you use MS Outlook. You may run the .gadget file to start using Outlook immediately, or save it for later use. [sociallocker] Download Outlook Gadget [/sociallocker]

Batterie desktop gadget

Batterie is a safe and free desktop gadget that will let you monitor easily on your desktop the status of your batterie – that is, if you work on a PC with a batterie of course. A well designed and useful gadget. Run it to start enjoying Batterie immediately, or save it for later use.… Read More »

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