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Desktop Calculator gadget for Windows, Simple and Scientific

Desktop Calculator is a free gadget for Windows functioning in two modes, the simple, that most people need, and the scientific (if you select its larger size). Desktop Calculator will let you customize its colors, select whether to use radians or degrees for trig calculations (Sin, Cos, Tan, aSin, aCos, aTan), change number display format,… Read More »

Free Sticky Desktop Notes Gadget

Desktop Notes is a free gadget you can use to write something you need to remember, an idea or task, etc. This is not a complex gadget, on the contrary, it is extremely simple. The gadget will let you select color for your notes (default is yellow). [sociallocker] Run the .gadget file to start using… Read More »

Stock Gadget

This is a free gadget that will let you monitor your stock. In the settings you give the symbol of your stock (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft, GOOG for Google, etc), the amount of the stocks that you have, and a refresh interval (default is 10 minutes). [sociallocker] Run the .gadget file to start using the… Read More »

10 Unit Converter free Windows gadget

Unit Converter is a free and very convenient Windows gadget that will let you convert various units from the comfort of your desktop. The gadget supports conversion of 10 units: Area, Energy, FlowRate, Force, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Velocity and Volume. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file to install later, or run it to start using… Read More »

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