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Piano desktop gadget

A great little gadget created by Microsoft, featuring impressively realistic piano sounds. You can use to tune your piano or test a song, or just play a while as you take a work break. [sociallocker] Save the .gadget file to install later, or run it to start playing the Piano immediately [/sociallocker]

Metronome Gadget

What would be more convenient, if you learn or compose music, to have on your desktop this Metronome gadget, that will let you keep time or try to find the bit of your dreams… The gadget does not inlude only a tic tac standard metronome sound, but also bass drum, snare and disco drum sounds.… Read More »

IMDB Gadget

IMDB Gadget will let you search at the Internet Movie Database for any movie or person you are interested in, check for top movies, coming-soon / now at the theatre movies, explore TV episodes, search for plots, bios, etc. If you see movies a lot, this is a gadget that can be very useful. [sociallocker]… Read More »

Wikipedia Gadget for Windows with multilanguage support

Wikipedia Gadget will let you place on your Windows desktop a search box that will let you search the Wikipedia. Wikipedia Gadget supports many languages, besides English: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, 日本語, Polski, Português, Русский, Svenska. If you are a regular user of Wikipedia you will appreciate this little gadget. (For a powerful alternative,… Read More »

Traffic Info Gadget for Windows

Traffic Info is a nice and free gadget that will let you enjoy on your Desktop road traffic flows, real-time traffic conditions in your area, in order for you to avoid congested road sections. Traffic Info gets data and maps from Google and supports major cities from all over the world. Even if traffic data… Read More »

SearchALL Windows Gadget

SearchALL is a small, simple, convenient, yet powerful and free desktop gadget that will let you search from your desktop for all kinds of information, images and maps, definitions, articles, reviews, movies, music, etc. SearchALL gadget supports GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, EBAY, WIKIPEDIA, AMAZON, IMDB, BING, NEWS, DICTIONARY, and more! The name “SearchALL” refers to the most… Read More »

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